Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Missing In Action

I know! I haven't been on the computer for a bit, because ours gave out. But we bought a new one and are now back to work. Watch Out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin

Gentry's dad turned 60 this year and we wanted it to be a big deal because he is a big deal to us. So everyone planned a surprise for him. We made the arrangements for all of Kevin's kids to be in Monticello/Moab on the same weekend. With a couple of events planned. Surprise lunch on Saturday. Cake and gifts that evening. Church Sunday. And Hookie-Bobbing on Monday.

Saturday's surprise was so exciting. About an hour before Robin was going to bring Kevin to the restaurant, Gentry's phone started ringing. Everyone was ready and anxious to meet. We all wanted to see each other and couldn't wait to see how Kevin would react. We talked about the "close calls" when someone had almost giving the surprise away. I had not told my kids in case they let the secret slip. And I think we pulled it off. Lunch was very good and it fun to get caught up with everyone.

For gifts the suggestion was to get together 60 of something. And it made it all the more special. Justin gave an assortment of things with 60 involved. Like a 60 watt bulb, a 60 bit nail, 60 piece drill set, etc. Gentry gave "60 reasons why your so sweet" where attached to 60 candy bars were 60 memories/lessons learned from Kevin. For example, when I wrestled your voice was the only one I heard. Landon gave 60 candies from the decade Kevin was born. It was fun to see these and for Kevin to remember them from his childhood. Brady gave 60 Grandpa Kits; filled with M&M's, a tooth pick, aspirin and band-aids. It told about the side effects that may occur of pickpocketing and favoritism. So cute. Kisper couldn't make it (missed you). And Kayla gave a 60 marbles with a "marble champion" plaque.

Hookie-Bobbing was the cherry on top. If you don't know what this is, it is when you tie tubes to the back of your 4wheel drive vehicle and haul others through the snow. It was fun to do an activity all together. We all got to play in the snow like we when we were kids (oh wait some of us are still kids). Highlights of that was getting stuck in a snow drift with Brady's car, jumping from tube to tube, watching Tate be passed back and forth while being pulled, hearing Court ask every run if he could go again and again, and talking with Patrice.

We also did our taxes (not the highlight of the trip) but they had to be done and having the best accountant around we didn't have to pay nearly as much as I thought that we would.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentine's Day was different this year but great! I had gotten the kids a little something each with some treats. I gave it to them in the car for the drive down to Monticello and it did help to occupy them.

Gentry SURPRISED me with a one of the best gifts he has gotten for me. It meant so much because it wasn't something I was asking for or anything I was expecting (in fact because we weren't going to be home I thought V-day would go by with a happy wish and a kiss). I love that he spent some time (which he has so little free time these days) to pick out something special for me and he did such a great job.

p.s. and they were a perfect fit

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Draft

Last weekend we went to Salt Lake for two days of meetings for Gentry's work. We both learned a lot and in the end got our number two choice of cities to go to. This summer we will be spending our time in Seattle Washington. We wanted a place in the West that would be a good market and we really feel like we got it. I am so excited and am looking fore ward to another fun summer.
Talking it over with the ownersI am so grateful to Platinum for what it has provided to my family. When this job was presented to us we realized it was an opportunity for us to be able to go back to school. The week we decided to go, Gentry applied and enrolled at the University of Utah, I had a baby, and for the next ten days he spent over a hundred hours knocking doors. It was such a crazy time, but we had faith that it was what needed to happen for us. Only three week later Gentry flew to North Carolina and I stayed with our (now) four kids while Court finished school. It was difficult, but we had had a confirmation from the spirit that it was right. Still today I believe that to be true. Less than a year later we are working to put a good office together. One with quality individuals, that are hard working, and who look at this as the same kind of opportunity for them.
If anyone wants to join us or thinks they know someone who might also be good for the job give me a call. I know this is a hard time economicly and this is a great option. We are going to have an amazing time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Family Home Evening FUN
I always loved FHE growing up and I hope my kids love it now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo

My Sophomore year of high school a girl my age moved into our ward. We started hanging out right away and we kept touch even after we were married and had kids. Then when we moved to Saratoga Springs, she and her husband were living down the street. Now our kids get to play with each other. Circle of life.
Last week Tate and Peaches were invited to Wyatt and Matthew's birthday party at Kangaroo Zoo. If you have never been, you really should go. There are all kinds of slides and bounce houses for kids to play in and on. I thought Peach might be a little afraid of the big slides, but it only took her three minutes to be running from the bottom to start again. Brynn (cousin) was also there and she was a great help to Peach. They had a really fun time and were worn out when it came to bed time that night.

Happy Birthday Wyatt and Matthew! Thanks for inviting us. And more importantly, thank you Monica for being my friend for so many years.