Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Potty Training Headache

Potty Training is such a head ache. Peaches, my two year old soon to be three, has no idea how this is supposed to be done. I thought I did, but apparently NOT! I have always been told that potty training a girl is easier than a boy. I figured now that I have been through it twice and read two books on the subject; I knew what I was doing. I do NOT! This girl is crazy. She plays with her little potty like it is a stool or a box. She will gladly sit on the potty for an M&M. She loves for me sit by her reading book after book. She will drink the juice boxes and water I put in front of her for hours. But when it comes time to peeing or pooping in the potty… she will hold it for hours, begging for me to put a diaper on her. She has complained that her tummy hurt because she had held it for so long. We had told her with much excitement about how fun it is to go in the potty. If she will pee I will give her bubble gum (thanks for the suggestion Jesse) her very favorite thing. If she will poop I will give her a little princess present. We bought her princess panties. I have even let her watch me going to the bathroom so she can see how it is done.
I do not know what else to do. I am at my wits end. If you have any suggestions, please, please, please pass it along.
One good thing has come out of this. When she gets older I will have some great photos to embarrass her. Payback.

McCain for President?

Since I was first 18 I have voted in every national election. I have voted a republican for president and I have voted for a democrat for president. This year as November creeps forward, I have still not decided who I want to vote for.

I thought that the debate last week would help me resolve some issues. I appreciated that they took the first half an hour to talk about the proposed bailout. Although the bailout didn’t pass in the end, I feel like I better understand the issues.

I thought that McCain was going to score higher in this debate on foreign policies. Mainly because of his experience, this is clearly stronger and better than Obama’s in this field. Watching the debate didn’t leave me with a feeling that there was a clear winner. Obama did a good job of showing that he did have a good handle on foreign policy issues. One thing I did not like concerning Obama was the eye rolling and laughing to himself when he disagreed with McCain. Come on, how old are we? I would think that a law school professor (BIG PLUS in my mind) would be more respectful when another was talking. McCain did take the more aggressive attacking stance much like his background as a fighter pilot.

So I guess I will look forward to the debate between Vice Presidents. Biden has much more experience than Palin does. I wonder if she will be able to hold her own the way Obama did. One thing is for sure, we will be seeing more Saturday Night Live skits from this whole thing.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Define Yourself

I have been invited to contribute to http://modernmollymormon.blogspot.com/
I have been checking it out for a month or so now and have decided to be a part of it.
They asked me to write an introduction post telling about myself. I never realized how difficult this could be. It is hard to define oneself. I was asked to "talk about your life, family, church experience, and what you hope to find/contribute to Modern Molly Mormon". So here goes.

About Me, Maudlin Molly
If you were to look up the word maudlin in the dictionary you will come across something like this:
Maudlin: cont. of Magdalene, originally surname of Mary, the repentant sinner forgiven by Jesus in Luke 37. In paintings, she was often shown weeping as a sign of repentance. Meaning "characterized by tearful sentimentality"
I am much like the name describing a sinner (mostly sins of omission) and a weeper. I cry about everything. Plus I want to always be associated with the Savior.
As a Mormon woman, I spend my time reading, raising two boys and two girls, checking out others blogs, volunteering at my child’s school, fulfilling my calling, keeping up on yard work and house work, cooking, and trying to make friends.
I got married at nineteen in the Manti temple, to the man of my dreams. Twelve years later I still get butterflies in my tummy when I remember how much he means to me. My oldest is nine years old, he plays the piano, tries hard at everything he does, and loves to read. My second boy is five. His personality is bubbling over. He wants to be the center of attention always and wins everyone over with his cute mug. My third is a girl. She is almost three, into Little Mermaid and baby dolls. And I have a baby of a few mouths who recently has gotten her first two teeth.
I am really comfortable with who I am and where I am at. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be better and do more, but I am on the right path and I like where we are headed. I want my children to grow up with memories of a happy family that worked and played hard together. I dream about one day having the time and resources to travel the world. I want to be a support to my family and friends.
I have roots in the church back to Hyrum. My siblings are all (basically) raised and still active. When I try and decide when I first gained my testimony I cannot define a time. I have always had a testimony of Jesus Christ. There have been great moments of growth. While attending seminary in high school I had teachers that helped me learn how to study the scriptures and teach me how to prey with my Heavenly Father. Soon after having my first child, we lived in New England and I relied heavily on the spirit for guidance in my calling and my desire to grow my family. I have a firm foundation rooted in the gospel of the church. I am always questioning and studying the gospel and through this process I continue to grow.
I am grateful to Modern Molly Mormon for the opportunity to contribute and hopefully I have something noteworthy to add. I hope through my contributions my testimony grows and so might others. We all have struggles. I believe that this type of forum can help us to lift each other’s burdens and that weakness’ can become strengths.

How would you define yourself?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Four eyes

Courtland is getting glasses. What a cutie!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Party Stops Here

Saturday night was the award dinner/party for Gentry's work. It was fun seeing everyone and partying after. Plus Gentry got a SWEET bomber jacket.
Greg and Kara excited for what might unfold.

Ben and Jennifer

(she is pregnant, due in December but you can barely see the baby bump)

Jacey spent most of the evening husband-less because
Landon was taking pictures of everyone else.

And us. Gentry was given plenty of awards. He rocks!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cliff Jumping Hurts

I had a good time on a mini vacation, except for one part.


Gentry hurt my feelings by jumping with Landon only moments after we arrived to the top. Even after my pleading and begging for him not to.

Then, thanks to Greg and Kara, I got the courage to jump, but did not do it as expertly as I should have because now my whole tush is black and blue. Over a week later and I can barely sit down.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lake Powell

About a week ago, Gentry and I went to Lake Powell with some friends. We had a great time. We camped, knee boarded, tubed, did some sightseeing, swimming, cliff jumped (I will have to tell you more about this in my next post), and ate some good food.
I love these people.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is Thank You Still Thank You?

Isabel is now five months old and I still have not sent out all my thank you notes to all of our friends and family who were thoughtful when she was born. It makes me wonder if I should still do it? Is it still taken as a thank you four months later?
I was talking with a friend of mine this last weekend who has been married for two years. She told me that she still didn't have her thank yous out from her wedding.
I guess I am not alone... but I don't think that it makes it alright.
When I give someone a gift, I am certainly not checking my mailbox for the thank you, but I do appreciate the gesture when I do get one.
Which leaves me with my current dilemma solved. I guess I need to go and write thank you note. If you haven't gotten one yet, it isn't because I wasn't grateful, just lazy.

First edition Book of Mormon For Sale

Did any of you hear about the first-edition Book of Mormon found in a library in Michigan?
They are putting it up for sale because
a) “it doesn't have any specific connection to Muskegon” (Michigan)
b) “ it needs costly protection and security because of its value and frailty and”
c) “it should be more accessible to scholars and researchers and others who would truly value it.”
Others that would truly value it. Reading this hurt my feelings just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that they are selling this book. It is something that should be in the hands of someone who really wants it and will honor it. I just wish that we lived in a time that all would truly value it. This got me thinking, do I TRULY value The Book of Mormon?
I got my own copy of the Book of Mormon when I turned twelve and started Young Women’s. I read through it some and used it on Sundays in lessons but I didn’t read it until I started seminary in 9th grade. I was so lucky to have an amazing seminary teacher who loved the scriptures and tried hard to pass that love on to his students. That year I read The Book of Mormon (mostly) through for the first time. I loved it.
I continued to take my scriptures to and from school almost every day until graduation. I kept hand outs in between the pages and glues in quotes. I marked passages and really beat those scriptures up. I spent a lot of time trying to learn from them and ultimately, really did. But that set of scriptures started falling apart from my lack of care. For my eighteenth birthday I asked from my parents for a new set of scriptures and a nice framed picture of Jesus. The set I got that day, I still use. I read them to my children almost every night. I go to them when I am struggling. I depend on them to bring me the spirit. I pray about prompting that come while studying them. I try and instill values to my children by using example from the Book of Mormon. I hold them dear.
So although I will not be bidding on the first edition BOM that Hackley Library will be selling, I will hold my own copy in my hands and think a little bit more about how much I truly value it.
I think of the MasterCard commercials here.
new BOM for sale today: $24.08
first edition BOM: $70,000
having a testimony of the Book of Mormon: priceless

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sew Good

My mother-in-law is amazing. She can do it all. She designs flower arrangements, she has an amazing yard laid out and maintained by both her and her husband, she bottles everything from fruit and veggies to meat. One talent that is unmatched is her ability to sew and alter clothing from anything.
This was made crystal clear to me one visit to her house when Court was little. It snowed a ton during the days we were there and we wanted to go hooky-bobbing. I only had Courts coat for him and was worried about him getting cold. Robin looks through the coat closet and found an old coat. Disappears into her sewing room for three minutes (no exaggeration) then comes out with snow bibs made to tailor fit Court. We all went and played in the snow, stayed warm, and had the best time.
Other sewing feats that have amazed me are the prom dresses for her daughters. She even made Kisper's wedding dress, and altered Kayla's.

This last weekend she amazed me again. By calling and getting Peaches measurements she made three beautiful little dresses for her granddaughters. It was fun to see them all dressed alike.

I really need to improve my own sewing skills, but I never think I will be able to live up to this.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Growing Up

Isabel has had a couple mile stones lately, and I haven't recorded them. She has really gotten the sitting up thing. She had her first tooth break the gum surface. No longer breash feeding. All a sign that she will not be a baby forever. Growing up, I have told all of my children, is not allowed without my permission first. I would just really like a pause button sometimes (and a fast forward button too please.)

While my children seem to breeze through milestone after milestone, I wonder, how have I grown lately? How have I progressed? I recently got my temple recommend renewed and it was a privilege to be able to answer those questions to the Lord. I do feel worthy to enter His house and I consider it a privilege to be able to do so.
The first time I went through the temple, I have to admit, I was a bit freaked out. There was no "temple prep" class in my stake, and I didn't have any close friends or family members who had gone through recently to somehow guide me. I was struggling with my mother at the time so even if she had wanted to talk with me about it, I would not have been open to what she had to say. I learned only days before I was married that I would need to cover up my wedding dress for the ceremony. It upset me because I wasn't prepared mentally for that and not mature enough to just go with the flow and not let it bother me. The afternoon I took out my endowments was overwhelming. It was nothing like I expected. I didn't have a flow of spirit. I was shocked at all the symbolism (like I said, completely unprepared). I left that day feeling a little uncomfortable and scared. I wondered if I had made a mistake. Was the temple really something I wanted to return to again and again? At the time, no. Gentry and I went once again on our honeymoon. Then probably only one other time that first year. I still didn't have a testimony of the temple. I certainly did of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But I struggled with the temple. I thought to myself, if my parents have a testimony of this, and my husband has a testimony of this, there must be more to it. Thankful there was.
After twelve years of going to the temple I have gone from going because it is the right thing, to going because I want to. The parts of the temple that I struggled with the most in the beginning are now, believe it or not, my favorite. I feel peace and comfort there. More than that though, I feel my Heavenly Fathers love for me. All the blessings He gives me are because of His love.
As I sat through Kayla and Ryan's sealing I was touched by the gift that my marriage is. Eternal marriage. I am so grateful to have Gentry. I am thankful for who he chooses to be each day. He honors his priesthood and because of that our whole family is blessed. Our children were born under the covenant. They are being raised in a home with so much knowledge of eternity. They are being taught a blueprint to live their lives with joy. For all that I lack as a mother, we are doing this right. Gentry is a great father. He has become a man that I hope my boys will grow up to be.
I think I have grown quite a bit.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner Group

Some of you might have noticed the new link on the side of my blog, "What's for Dinner?"

For most of these past three years I have only made dinner on average two times a week for my family. Don't think for one minute that we eat out a lot or spend most days with macaroni n cheese. In fact it is quite the opposite. I cook once during the week days and then we usually get pizza or BBQ hot dogs once on the weekends and of course something yummy on Sunday. Let me explain how this is possible.

I have been privileged to be part of a dinner group with three other women. Each of us cook for each other's families once a week. We get together once every two months and come up with a menu. In order to make sure that we all aren't planning chicken all the same week. Then we make the main dish for four families. It is awesome! By buying in bulk we save money. We eat a much bigger variety. We try things we wouldn't normally and end up finding new recipes. I think one of the best benefits is each day I am not stressing over what's for dinner. I already know.

Thank you Shari for bringing this opportunity before us so long ago. Thanks to Melissa, Holly, Shari and now Megan for all the yummy meals. It has been an honor to cook for you and to enjoy your labor.

We really do eat so good and have tried and tested many recipes. We have decided to start our own cooking/recipe blog. We are happy to share these recipes with all of you. http://recipesyum.blogspot.com/
We would love for anyone to try any of these recipes out and welcome your comments. If you have a variety of something or think that some of these could be improved upon, we would love some suggestions.
Happy cooking to you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do You Fit In?

Monticello is beautiful, isn't it?

Gentry grew up in Monticello. It is a small town in the four corner area of the state. We always have such a good time when ever we are there. Saturday we all went to Loyd's Lake and then Monticello Lake. Monticello Lake is about the size of a pond but I always have thought that great things come in small packages. Everyone had a good time throwing rocks in the water, taking pictures, and hanging out with family.
Gentry taught the boys how to skip rocks

We had a little celebration for Kayson and Jason (birthdays). Later we went to the farm and then dinner.

Kayson turned one!

I felt so comfortable with the family. I guess I just feel like everyone IS family. Yes, I am closer to some more than others, but that is because I have spent different amounts of time with everyone. As far as extended family goes, there is a ton! I haven't even met everyone. Everyone that I have though, is great. Even the more colorful family members, I like. I guess it comes down to that I really love everyone. Kevin and Robin are truly the nicest, sweetest parents-in-law a girl could have. I don't feel like they are judging or questioning me. They just love me. I think of Landon as Gentry's best friend. Jacey as a good friend. Brady, Kisper and Kayla as younger siblings that we are both protective of. Each of their spouses as an extension of them. I look foreword to spending more and more time with these great people. What a great way to enjoy visiting family. I can't wait to go back.

Peaches wondering why Daddy put her in a hole

Monday, September 8, 2008

House Cleaning in Progress

My house is such a mess right now.
I can’t concentrate. I am so distracted by the mess around me. I can’t seem to get anything else done. I tried to do some laundry, I thought about making something other than a sandwich for lunch but because my house needs to be cleaned so badly I get distracted and start cleaning “just this little area first”.
So today I will spend the day cleaning and wishing I had a maid.
Don’t drop by unannounced today unless you would come in completely unjudgmental and be willing to lend a hand to help.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sitting in a Tree, K I S S I N G!

Today Kayla and Ryan are getting married. I think the only family members to have even met Ryan, besides Kayla, is Kevin, Robin, and Justin. That is a lot of siblings and in-laws left to pass judgement. I don't know really much about him but I have seen pictures, and they sure do look in love.
Congratulations you two! We sure look foreword to getting to know Ryan better. I know from experience, he couldn't be marrying into a better family!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Faux Hawk

Tate is one cool dude. He cares about how he is dressed and what his hair looks like (even if the look that he is going for is messy, he wants to be aware of how it looks to make sure he still looks good). For his first day of preschool he had to get a hair cut because "it is just looking a little bit shabby". He got a faux hawk. Barely. But don't you dare tell him he doesn't look cool.
I have found a great site that gives girl hair style ideas. I absolutely love making Peach "look like a princess" and she loves the attention. Today's hair is adorable and something I would never have come up with on my own. This one is called Braid Flower. I love having a girl!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eat Your Vegetables

Isabel is now five months old. She had a doctor appointment last week and is now 12 lbs. In the 15% for height and 15% for weight. We decided to start her on solid foods. The first one we did was take some of our bottled peaches and threw them in the blender. Isabel LOVED them. I steamed some carrots and them blended those too and she ate them right up. She certainly seems happy. I guess this is just one of the many milestones in her life. She got so into it that she even took the spoon from me and tried doing it herself.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cleaning out the Freezer

Yesterday night since I we recently got back into town from a long vacation I figured I should probably clean out the freezer. You know to make room for all the ice cream I am going to buy. I guess it was long over due because I found frost bitten meat, some dead looking hamburger buns, and shrimp dated from...
That was the year we moved in.
Three of my four children are younger than that shrimp.
Then I still debated whether or not to throw it out. What is my problem? Part of my issue was seeing the price I spent on that shrimp. Plus, I do love shrimp.
I am happy to report it is in my trash now stinking up my kitchen.