Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

I am 32! Can't believe it. I remember when I turned 20 thinking 30 was old. Now I feel better than I ever did at 20. I have self confidence, experience, and a knowledge I just couldn't have at 20. I look foreword to 50 when it will be even better. here I am today with no make-up and hair not done- embrace it
For now I will be happy for who I am today. Thirty-two and loving life.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chicago Dog

Friday April 24th I flew in to Chicago to help out with as much as I could for a couple days. It was good I went, but hard for me to leave since there was so much for me to still get done.
Chicago is known for a number of things. One of which is it's hot dogs. We already found an amazing place we will be going back to all summer long! The atmosphere was cool, the help great, and the food has my mouth watering even now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yard work

Gentry started the drive to Chicago yesterday and I look around at all the jobs he didn't get done before he left. I guess I had better get to the yard work since it is one of my favorites. I have all of this to put down along with the weeding and fertilizing. As I start to dig a trench for the bulbs, I come across way more than I had barged for. I pull out all the rocks, barbwire, weeds, a bucket (how did that get in there and we hadn't come across it in the last five years?) and a dead bush.
All the work that I have done is now underground and we will be able to enjoy it all next spring. I am sure it will look beautiful then.

Monday, April 20, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

Tate and Court were playing in some sand that was on the side of my house on Saturday. They got the hose out and started making dirt clods. Then, once you had dirt clods what else are you going to do then throw them at each other? Ten minutes later I heard screaming. I ran out to see what caused it, Court had thrown one at Tate and it hit him right in the mouth. Now Tate was bleeding and telling me how badly he was hurt. I take him in and start washing out his mouth and notice that his front three teeth are moving with the water. His gums are bruised and two days later he lost two of the three. Luckily the third one stabilized and he should be able to keep it.
I wonder if these boys will make it to adulthood without any permanent scars that they leave on each other. His adult teeth will probably not grow in for a year or two, but it could be worse.
The ironic thing is that they weren't even fighting. It was just a game and both were having tons of fun until the tears. Can you just imagine what they could do if they were mad?
The tooth fairy came and left $5.00 for each tooth that night and Tuesday morning we went to the store for Tate to pick out some toys.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

This years Easter was crazy.
We woke early to read the Resurrection and get to our friends baby blessing. Taelie looked beautiful in her dress and Jennifer and Ben were beaming parents. After we went for a bite to eat . Jennifer had made this amazing fruit bouquet that looked and tasted incredible.
Then off to my parents house for the traditional festivities.

We did an "Egg Toss Championship" again this year. In case you are not familiar with this I will tell you how it works. Our family decorates a dozen plus eggs. Then there is a face off. Each member is paired with another member and they roll their eggs towards each other. When the two eggs hit, one egg will always break and one will stay in tact. The winner of the round will take his/her winning egg and face off a winner of another round. Until it comes down to the final four. The last four have two rounds. And the final egg still in tact is the winner!!! Award with an amazing prize. The greatest part is that it spans the ages. Peach to Grandpa can play and win. Fun Fun Fun.
We always have an egg hunt also. More than a hundred eggs are hidden around the yard. Large ones, regular sized ones, and mini ones. In them are either candy or a number. If it is a number you get, you have hit the jack pot! After all the eggs have been found (or at least all the ones we can find) we take our numbers to the prize room and according to your number you get to pick something great. The prizes range from DVDs to flip flops to nail polish, or a mystery envelope with different amounts of money in them.

Dinner is always good with talking and games to round out the whole evening.

I hope your day was as good as ours.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


A quick visit to Landon and Jacey's while they were away in Seattle, led to a few good pix.
Taydon is a bit messy but everyone is happy from the cupcakes Grammy made
It was just after Conference on Sunday so I was happy too.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Night Sweetheart

We are one of those families others may look at and think that we are strange.
I put my kids to bed at 6:30 almost every night. Now I know some of you might think this is crazy but for my family it works and it is the best thing for all of us. My kids need the sleep and I need the adult time. During the summer it will probably be not as routine, but we will see how it goes.
The routine is play/school / jobs done all day. Home from school and homework, then piano, play until 5:30. Dinner, jammies, family time (if we got everything else done that consists of a game or a book or FHE) teeth, prayers, bed. In bed each child can take a book and has a reading light. Peach and Tate usually fall asleep within the first half hour and Court has to turn lights out at 8:30.
Lately Peach has not fallen right asleep and seems to think of numerous reasons to get up. "I have to go to the bathroom", "I am thirsty", "I am scared", "I need a different book", "My baby needs a kiss", "Can I snuggle in your bed?", "I can hear the boys", on and on.
Then the next day she falls asleep while we run around getting stuff done or playing in her room. Just enough of a cat nap to keep her up that evening, but not enough to stop the whining.
The other day though she fell right asleep and that is when she is my angel. I know everyone thinks their child is the most beautiful, but mine really is. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Last week was our one year anniversary since we joined Platinum. It has been a roller coaster of a year. A ride that I would do again and again.
The latest loop is that our office is moving from Seattle to Chicago.
If you have ever lived there or visited for vacation, let me know what there is to do.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

My sweet Isabel turned one years old on Friday.

I can't believe it has been a year.

She tries to talk, by repeating everything we ask her to.

She stands and walks along furniture,

Mastering the balancing act from baby to toddler.

She eats table food.

She smiles at those she knows and loves and scowls at strangers.

She snuggles with her baby and gives it kisses.

And she is very interactive. She loves to play with anyone who gives her the time.

My favorite time with her is when I am holding her and feeding her a bottle.

She is comfortable and happy.

I am reaping the blessings of motherhood.

I wish I could freeze time and have these days last forever

But childhood is waiting

And Isabel will answer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bathroom Talk

OK this may be a little graphic.
I have a five year old boy. I don't know if all five year old boys are this way but I am going to tell you about him.
Tate was potty trained right around three. He hasn't had many accidents through the years, but he does have one MAJOR problem. He likes to play while he pees.
A couple examples:
Sometimes he will leave the seat down and then he tries to "fill it" and get the whole seat as wet as he can.
He will pee on the screws at the back of the toilet and it runs over.
He aims for the trash can sitting next to the toilet and it gets not only all over that, but it also gets all over the wall and floor.
Sometimes he just isn't paying attention and so it just goes where ever. One day he ran in to go and didn't close the door (the next big hurdle) and he just wasn't aiming at all. So I say, "Tate!" and he turns his whole body towards me and says, "What?" "What?!" I say, "you are peeing all over the floor." He turns towards the toilet, making his parts face the toilet too, and looks down. Then turns back to me and says "No. It is in the potty." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
I have tried talking to him about it, laughing it off, scolding him, threatening him, guilting him... nothing works. Until now, I figured we had better go back to the potty training days. Cheerios on the back of the toilet. He can throw a couple in and try and sink them. I hope it works.
I am just not thinking about the ones he eats before, after, or during the peeing.