Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Love My American Girls

I wanted to make sure Joanna got a chance to see Downtown Chicago while here so we headed out with a couple places to hit.
First stop The American Girl store.
Last year when I visited Atlanta we went here and it was so fun to see all the dolls, clothes and accessories. Peaches and Lorali are so cute. They brought their dolls and I wanted to get another matching outfit for Peach and her baby.
As soon as I saw this little dress I knew it would be the one I got and Lorali ended up wanting to match also. After American Girl we went to The Hersey Factory. It was a fun store where the kids played and we all had a snack.
Next stop H and M.


One crazy storm happened last night.

Apparently there was a tornado warning.

This was the result in our complex.

Half the city lost power for over twelve hours.

I have never experienced a tornado and it makes me nervous.

I hope I never do.

I love Chicago. I do not like tornados.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jelly Belly Laughs

Joanna and kids are driving from Georgia to Utah and took a detour to Chicago. We are so lucky to benefit from the trip. They got here last night and since my kids were already in bed it was fun for me to have some alone time.
Today we decided to go to the Jelly Belly Factory. It was a blast! They did free tours that we all were able to ride a train and learn all about how Jelly Bellies came to be what they are today. It takes seven to ten days to make one jelly bean. Crazy. After the tour we looked around the store and got a treat.