Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 2

Started out the week by going to Medieval Times. It was so much fun for the kids and that makes it so much fun for the adults. It was a dinner and tournament, watching horses and knights perform skills that were really quite impressive. I was really impressed with the horsemanship. Our boys LOVED that all throughout dinner they could eat with their hands, yell and cheer, and watch a show.

Went in to DC two different days. Learned QUICKLY that there is no parking. There is plenty of parking spots on the street, but you can only park there for two hours, then you must move your vehicle to a new spot. There are garages and some underground parking, but all have such low clearance that I couldn't park in any of them. So I tried the train later in the week. The first trip we ended up spending the day at the National Zoo. It was the first time I tried getting all the kids around all by myself. I strapped Dahlia to me with our snugly, had Isabel in a stroller, and Peach/Tate traded off on who would be at back of the sit/stand stroller. It worked better than I thought. Quite a workout when going up the hills of the zoo, but for the most part great. The zoo was fun. The weather was a perfect day for this kind of activity. The second trip we didn't get to see much other than the train station. It was such an ordeal to get to DC that we ate and then started the trek back to our apartment. Even then, we weren't home until 10 o'clock that evening and the kids and myself had more then enough.

Emily went home so I am major bummed about that. I had much higher dreams of what my summer would be like with her here, but will have to settle with working full time and not going anywhere. Defiantly not my ideal summer but the way it turned out.

Side note: My neighbors in Utah have threatened a legal battle over our joint fence... I wonder how crazy this will get.

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