Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 1 in Baltimore

I left Utah last Friday and arrived in Baltimore on Sunday afternoon. It was a long drive, by Emily made it great. This week was spent just trying to get my bearings. There is always office stuff to deal with. We needed to get another apartment (since we had three new guys come in yesterday and two more soon) Then just watching numbers and hoping our guys do well.
I have already been to DC, but only to the Platinum office there. I did see IKEA, but the kids did not want to go in, so neither did I.
Our apartments are amazing! They are big and the area is beautiful. The pool looks fun for the kids. Kids are working on keeping their voices down and doing what they are asked. I am working on not getting my feelings hurt so easily and getting the laundry, dishes, and dinner ready by the time Gentry gets home.
I am so glad Emily (my sister) will be here for the summer. I hope we don't drive her crazy.
So..... not much to report. This next week is going to be amazing, so stay tuned.


Roberta said...

Glad you made it safely!! You are missed here but know it will be a GREAT summer for you and the family.

Luke and Mariah said...

Yea for family! I'm glad you're all finally together. April, you are seriously awesome. I really hope I can be as cool as you when I'm a mom with multiple kids. I feel like that's when the real work starts. Anyway, enjoy the area! Live it up at the Smithsonians!

Double D said...

Congratulations.... you made it! I am so happy that Emily is there with you. You will have so much fun.