Friday, May 28, 2010

Gentry + April

I recently shared the story of our beginning on another site; I figured I would repost it here.
Gentry and I met on a Thursday night. I had just joined the SUU Ballroom Dance Team and as a requirement to be on the team, I had to take Fundamentals of Ballroom each semester. It was my first time to the class and I got there late. I walked in and noticed him right away. He was clearly the best dancer on the team and so hot!!! The instructor talked to me for a moment and then put me in line to next to her and told the guys to switch partners. It just happened that Gentry was to dance with me next. Unfortunately, he was too busy flirting with the girl he was currectly dancing with and wouldn't let go of her. The next guy in line got tired of waiting so he side stepped him and started to take me in dance postion when Gentry cut in and took me in his arms. That was it for me. I was gone over the moon for him. He looked into my eyes and said; "You have the most beautiful eyes." I blushed and souldn't look at him again. The music starts and he introduced himself, asked my name, and we start talking. When our instructor tells everyone to seitch again he said we didn't have too and we just keep dancing. Eventually class os over and I float home. He runs home and says to his brother and roommate Landon, "I met her. I met the girl I and going to marry. Her name is April and she has the most beautiful eyes."
We dated exclusively till the end of the school year at which point we broke up. Not because we didn't like each other or because of some fight. It was really because we had never really thought about getting married. We wanted to remain friends. We would call or write over the summer but with no expectations and no promises. We were both free to date and kiss whomever we wanted. If in the fall we wanted to start dating again, we would. If not, we would go our separate ways.
After only about two weeks of being home I knew that wasn't going to work. I missed him so much. I hoped he would call in the evenings. I checked the mail everyday for a letter. I turned down friends for dates. I told people I had a boyfriend. I was sying to know who he was spending his time with. Who was he thinking about? When would we see each other again? One evening after getting off of work, I saw a guy I have had a crush on in high school. He came over and we talked about the past year. He told me about his plans for his mission and how school was going. Some flirting was happening and then he asked me what I was doing that night and if I wanted a ride on his motorcycle. I didn't even have to think about it. I said no thanks, and then headed home to call Gentry. It was the night I decided to marry him. I realized I was IN LOVE with him. I didn't want to date anyone else. I wanted to be with Gentry and hoped he felt the same way.
The end of the summer we were married. Although we haven't always been as happy and as in love as we were during the dating/engagement process, I am still over the moon for him. I still get butterflies after periods of being apart. I thank God for the blessing that is Gentry when I see him wrestling with my boys and dancing with my girls. I often wonder how I got so lucky. This year will be fourteen years since we were married and I can still remember what he was wearing that first time I saw him, the song that was playing the first time we kissed, and how it felt when he first told me he loved me.


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